Bespoke Corporate Worker Safety: Detect, Predict, Intervene

Industry 4.0: Business Information to maximize worker performance and minimize accidents and maintenance

Harness ERP, HR, biometric data, telemetry and other vertical data repositories to drive business performance


Key-staff medical event early warning & preventative health analyses using wearable medtech


Employ PowerBI with AI analysis across all data sources to formulate evidence-based change


Action change through a server-less recursive analysis engine to predict, recommend & notify


Staff use a Progressive Web App (PWA) for engagement, creating a feedback loop for continuous improvement


The new data centre compute overheads are .01c per user per month, freeing up compute spend for AI/ML insights


Dynamic & data-driven, using points’ systems to complement rules


Azure DevOps for agile product management


Business process redesign from experienced directors, with tertiary-qualified engineers and registered medical advice for optimal performance

The new solution from the team with 20 years of reliable SAAS delivery to the corporate travel industry, and 80 years combined software engineering & registered medical experience