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Corporate Logistics SAAS

For Corporates Consolidating Leased Travel Schedules with GDS Travel

Our vision is to unify and streamline Corporate Travel Management for Leased Aircraft, Ferries, Barges, Vehicles & Guesthouses.


We wish to promote a better travel experience at less cost.

What is Corporate Logistics SAAS Leased Travel versus Commercial Travel?



  • Private airfields, jetties, facilities, and hub-less networks

  • Each trip PNR consolidates GDS and Private content, all trip sectors and all modes of transport

  • Wet and dry lease operator contract management

  • VIP and key person security

  • Seat inventory distribution to joint venture partners

  • Travel policies, quotas & penalties

  • Credential management for staff, contractors, families, guests

  • Enhanced travel disruption and baggage handling capabilities

  • Enhanced Workflow & Self-service focus

  • Time is money; passengers are more than a number

  • The incentives where passengers are colleagues, and stakeholders include unions



  • Sales & Marketing

  • Merchandising, Packages & Quotes

  • Revenue Accounting & Taxes

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Flight & Duty compliance, Maintenance (the wet-lease operator’s responsibility)

  • Many Mass-transit overheads e.g., Cute, ARINC, Sita, ATPCO, OAG etc

  • Many regulatory overheads e.g., DOT, APIS, TSA etc