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At a glance

  • Traveler/Login Identity is a core system concept, including self-register authentication, and catering for different traveler groups with different needs/permissions
  • Traveler versus Login/Password
    • OpsManager manages travelers, which can be used to create logins/passwords
    • Sentinel (UserManager) manages logins/passwords, which can be used to create travelers
  • All travelers must have an email (mandatory) for operational staff to use as a contact detail during disrupts or schedule changes
  • As a concept, a staff/contractor/employee “Profile” is a subset of travelers, which can only be added/updated via an automated external source like the HR system
  • If a traveler doesn’t have both an EmployeeId & Email, they can’t:
    • book travel for themselves; only a secretary can book travel on their behalf
    • use self-register to get a login/password for system access to travel quotas
  • You can delete and re-add a traveler, but you can’t change an Employeeid/Email.
    • EmployeeId is used as the identifying Unique Id when providing automated updates of employee information
    • Email address is the link between a login/password and associated traveler, therefore an aspect of authenticating identity, and cannot be changed

Sentinel for logins/roles

Sentinel (UserManager) manages/coordinates in one central module:

  • logins
  • roles

From the Users menu item, add roles to an invited/self-registered user with a login/password.

To add or update a role, use the Roles menu.

Application Security Manifests are a system file that each module will send to user manager to co-ordinate new permissions added by your development team.

Ops Manager for travelers/profiles

Management have access to the Traveler menu.

The Traveler screen caters for:

  • searching for travelers
  • adding/updating adhoc travelers e.g. a Shell staff member perhaps
  • batch importing/updating a group of travelers from a csv file e.g. 300 teachers
  • syncing a group of travelers from an external source e.g. SAP/Cytric
    • system admin option only
    • note that travelers/profiles added from an external source can only be updated by that source, not manually


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