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The intent of the configurable Logistics Dashboard on the landing page is to:

  • provide management by exception information relevant to each user/role/asset-type
  • reduce the reliance on PowerBI licensing, where in-depth analytics are superfluous

While we’ll cater for the basics, we seek feedback in comments to prioritize how best to grow this capability e.g.

  • we can provide a histogram tile for a KPI if that helps e.g. show booked bookings for a date range by trip reason or passenger type
  • perhaps there are end of day metrics we can show here e.g. departed flights not signed off
  • perhaps a tile needs additional filters e.g. departures filtered by origin

Stats Dashboard

The dashboard can be edited to include new tiles from the menu on the right.

Edit Dashboard

Use the gear to edit a tile and change the filters e.g. include Boat and Air data.

Staff with more than 1 role can create multiple dashboards e.g. click “Boat Dashboard” top right to toggle from the “Air Dashboard”