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Static Check-in function has caused us trouble.

Across multiple modes of transport:
– aircraft are more detailed and take longer to check-in
– ferries with more seats better support go-shows and cargo
– buses and barges may be walk-on

Depending upon demand, management need to be able to shift operational staff between departments with minimal re-training.

The corporate environment also expects to be able to change fast e.g. adding or removing seat allocation and temperature checking.

Responding to this engineering puzzle, we’ve turned to delivering toolkits for function, not function.

Taking inspiration from Microsoft’s configurable DevOps Dashboard, we started with a toolkit enabling users to configure their own Dashboards relevant to them.

Check-in was a bigger challenge to deliver as a toolkit, with 2-way links to:
– Schedules
– Bookings
– Cargo and Payload
– Manifests

However despite the complexity, with a DevOps philosophy, it’s more about a way of thinking.

1 week later after burning the midnight oil, we present configurable Check-in, supporting multiple modes of transport and dynamic changes to process.