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The business requirement is:

  • Internet bookings that include all travel segments in a single PNR
    • one place to coordinate changes to complex travel plans
    • access to more travel content at less cost
    • coordination of travel content that sits in many different systems
  • Facilitating staff to turn up to business meetings reliably and punctually
    • when things go wrong, there need to be audit trails available to quantitatively identify what can be improved

For the land transport component of travel, an important aspect is air/boat bookings will often include a pickup/drop-off e.g., flying from Bonny to Port Harcourt will require a pickup from the residential area.

There’s lots going on under the surface:

  • the air/boat flight/sail schedules/bookings are held in the Logistics Operations module
  • the business booking is made in the BusinessFlow module
    • flight/sail bookings are populated to Amadeus Cytric and SAP for approval processes and expense management
    • guesthouse bookings are maintained in Elina for operational staff including check-in and housekeeping
    • pickups/dropoffs are populated to Chevin Fleetwave for dispatch and drivers

To see this in action, first step is to make a business booking at

Eligible pickup/drop-off locations are provided e.g. the eligible pickups for a sailing are likely different to arrival by air.

If a booker declines the pickup/drop-off, that decision will be audit trailed, with the audit trail available to relevant operational staff.

The booking confirmation includes the pickup/drop-off information.

In the Land Transport module available for testing (, the pickup/drop-off will appear in a “to be approved” queue for dispatch in the Land Transport module.

  • The icon identifies whether the request is for a pickup or drop-off.
  • Currently the DepartureDate listed is the datetime for departure of the sailing/flight i.e. the driver will need to calculate when to dropoff (30 minutes before flight) or pickup (upon arrival)

Dispatch assign the Fleetwave vehicle and driver to the pickup/drop-off booking. The vehicle and driver repository is presently maintained in Fleetwave.

The pickup/drop-off module co-ordinates that the dispatcher won’t assign a vehicle that is with a mechanic for servicing/repair.

On the driver Rides screen, as an administrator you are able to select a driver and see their trips. Trips are loaded for the selected date and 2 days ahead. A driver will only see their own trips.

The driver can fill in the online vehicle inspection form using the button bottom right.

The online vehicle inspection form replaces the paper form, and saved results are available under the Forms menu.

For administration, on the users screen you can make a profile a driver, which will push the details to Fleetwave. “Green”: profile is already a driver; “Orange”: profile can be made a “Green” driver by clicking on the “Orange” icon.

To remove a driver, admin need to go to the drivers screen:

  • Pause/Play button makes the driver inactive/active
  • Archive driver, removes the driver and sets the status in Fleetwave to inactive and archived