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In no particular order, released this week …

Bukit/GoShow bookings:

  • NTS/Guest bookings for air
  • NTS/GuestChild bookings with child pricing

Control of NTS subsidized priority access to seat availability is available in the Company Rules module, to stop non Bonny people booking guests unless via NTS.

Where a booker tries to book on a flight for which they have an existing booking, they can now navigate directly to that booking via a link to cancel/pay, so they don’t get stuck. Note that a pending booking request does not consume he limited NTS availability, so it’s OK for a pending booking request to sit around until a user wants to pay.

With the right permission set for a role, admin can now set a pending booking to confirmed. For example when the GM’s pending business booking needs approved/confirmed, click this button.

Pending bookings will auto-cancel after 5 days (120 hours).  This is controlled in settings. Business bookings are also cancelled if they aren’t approved.

Subsidized NTS fares cannot be rescheduled using Bukit to dis-incentivize speculative bookings consuming limited seats.

Staff can book GoShows here.

With the right permission, staff can do full or partial NTS booking refunds. Financial permissions are assigned to a Financial Controller role.

The info is then available here:

Or in the audit log.

When a company rule was setup incorrectly and an incorrect priority has been assigned to a booking, it’s possible for admin to change the rule in the Company Rules module, and then use a button in OpsManager bookings to reset the priority for the booking to the correct value.