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Business Requirement: 300 teachers need to be setup for login/travel.

While the API with authentication details can be used, this creates the possibility of an external group fraudulently adding a new staff login or traveler.

To cater for base function while pending better understanding requirements, a csv importer is available which uses the API.

First step is to add the user who will be undertaking the imports to a role which includes the TravelerImport permission.

Then setup a csv file in Excel and select it

Then assign the fields and import:

  • The import designer provides the means to cater for different file formats e.g. NLNG staff are different to community users without an Employee Id
  • If Group is left empty, the traveler will belong to the default staff group
  • Selecting “Create accounts” will send an email to each user to initiate creating a password.
  • Leaving “Create accounts” unchecked creates travelers who will be booked-on-behalf by an EA for a traveler group, rather than booking themselves

There is error checking, but all csv file imports should be tested first in the test system before attempting production.

If an error is made in production, you can identify updated travelers via “Updated At” for manual correction.