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Users versus Travelers

Users can be invited via UserManager and will be assigned a login/password. This is a suitable starting point for contracted operational staff who don’t travel. To turn a user into a traveler, add a traveler record with the same email address.

Travelers may be:

  • members of staff who travel but aren’t operational staff
  • members of staff who travel and are also operational staff e.g. Dispatch or Checkin
  • external or internal travel group members etc

Use the traveler menu option to add a new adhoc user

  • assign a company number and email address
  • assign a location
  • add any dependents or guests

The traveler is now set.

If however you want the traveler to be able to self-register to become an operational user with a login & password, check the “Create an account” box.

Then the traveler can go to the Self-Register app from the Portal and enter companyid and email address to receive an invite

Click Finish:

Then accept the email invitation to validate identity.

Overall, the authentication/identity currently caters for:

  • Can create bookings/feedback, or operational staff, or something else?
    • Profile?
      • Staff/booker
      • Dependent?
      • Guest traveler?
        • e.g. extended family?
    • Contractor
    • Adhoc traveler?
      • Dropdown select from list of names
      • Type in names
  • Book on behalf?
    • Goshow bookings?
    • Belong to 1 or more groups for bookings?
      • Default
      • Internal
      • External
      • Booker belongs to more than one group e.g. SPDC and staff?
        • Group belongs to one of more fare-categories?
      • Payment or free?
        • Payment type?
      • Exempt from companyrules?
  • Which password authority?
    • NLNG for SSO?
      • migrate to a new indentity server without affecting applications permissions?
    • Binarystack for contractors?
    • Shared PowerBI licensing?
  • Application Roles
    • Am I an application admin?