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Introduction to Waypoint Tracking

Rather than recording waypoints on paper or radio, Air/Boat Pilots/Captains want to share Waypoints in the system, and dispatch need to enter actual time of departure/arrival.

The data captured is used for analytics and continuous improvement.

Catering for Waypoint Tracking

  • Both Pilots/Captains and Checkin need access, so assign the Dispatch Air and/or Boat role to access Waypoints
    • NB there is no separate Pilot/Captain role and no roadmap intent to add F&D or EFB Pilot/Captain capabilities
  • Access Waypoints from the Overview\StationView screen or the Checkin Screen

Waypoint Tracking

Adding/editing Waypoints

  • Enter the actuals as available.
  • Editing is enabled by default on the day of departure
  • Lat/long can be entered in either decimal or degrees